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Art is the pinnacle of human expression. By no other means has humanity ever been able to make such a vivid statement of its condition and its aspirations. From the most minute and realistic description of daily life to the exploration of imagination’s wildest fantasies in a given social and historical context, art has always been a deeply insightful window onto the soul of mankind since time immemorial.

The immense variety of art across the ages is the reflection of as many different conditions faced by the human soul whose divine inspiration is always faced with an intimidating sense of vulnerability. From the multiplicity of these conditions comes out an artistic diversity which never overshadows the unicity of universal beauty underlying it. Regardless of the social, economic, cultural, and historical background of the audience, a masterful piece of art will always be appreciated even if it was produced in the most antithetic environment possible. This is precisely because art touches the very essence of the human soul in its collective longing for absolute truth and beauty.

We view art as a gateway to world peace and mutual understanding around the universal concept of beauty. We further believe that art is to beauty what education is to knowledge. This other fundamental gateway to a harmonious and enlightened humanity is a critical dimension of our philosophy. As such, a significant share from the proceeds of our art transactions is allocated to the funding of education for destitute children. Through our various endeavours, we always strive to share the beauty and knowledge of humanity across cultural diversity.

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