Lies Maculan

Born in Vienna, 1977

Lies Maculan’s large scale photographs, rich in symbolism, reach sculptural dimensions by dispensing with any kind of background. By reducing the motif to an object by itself, the pictures loose their temporal character and are transformed into monuments of the everyday.

In 2016 Lies Maculan launched LMSTX - LiesMaculanStocks, a 77m² PhotoSculpture featuring the world’s first Stock Exchange - the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp. 7.700 LMSTX shares - each unique, numbered, certified and signed are available individually or in blocks, later they can be traded on a designated online trading platform.

Since 2013 Lies Maculan is represented by Galerie Deschler Berlin.

Exhibitions at Westlicht Vienna, Galerie Hilger, Leica Galerie Salzburg, Lisabird, Miami Pulse Art Fair, Swiss Finance Museum, MOCA Chengdu.

Publications: ‚Shanghai, People&Street Photography published by Brandstätter Verlag