Ignacio Chillón

I’m Artist with over 50 solo and group exhibitions and awards in Madrid, Almeria, Valencia, Alicante... since 2000.

My work has always been focused on the development of the daily sensations in my personal experience , day to day. I have ever been interested in the multiplicity of the subjective actions. How can the total of situations show a "false truth" of reality. What will define us like a citizen? How do we show ourselves before our environment? Who believes in our imposed truth, our principles? Who or what corroborates our version about we has been said, lived, ...?

I have been living and working in Doha last year. In this time I have been able to verify the diversity of values of the multiculturalism. It was for my a truly experience about other cultures and it show me How close are the both sides of the world.

Right now, I have start to work in a new Project about those feelings and experiences. I can see "my truth" of this new and rare situation with my own two hands,with my own two eyes, whith my heart and my brain... trying to bridging cultures.