Oscar Mantilla

Oscar; Architect with a Bio-Design Master and part time painter, art lover and abstractism enthusiast.

The journey through the different manifestations of art along time, the art history lessons, the fusion, the relation, the sympathy between shapes, colors, the desire to say something general, or something specific…, the way it makes things beautiful and good looking, the perfect complement to a space… That is what motives my desire to paint: Using painting as a channel to express something, to enrich something, someone, a space, a soul… I find me.

My strategy and my technique are simple: I imagine objects, shapes… I compose. Then I throw it all on a canvas and I use acrylic paint to start digging, exploring, discovering… Sometimes the initial idea develops into something even greater, sometimes it completely changes from its original seed… but whatever is the final result, the beauty of it lies in the journey, the process… because as you walk the path you discover that you unveil your own state of mind, a feeling that’s unique because it’s there, in that only moment and you know it will never come back the same..